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Watch Out for Added Sweeteners

Too Much Sugar, Even Natural Alternatives, Is Not Healthy   If You Think Artificial Sweeteners Are the Answer, I Have Bad News for You!   In the juicing world added sweeteners are rare because most recipes are naturally delicious without adding sugar. Smoothies are different. In the smoothie world, added sweeteners are the norm because […]
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Power Juice Recipes

Delicious Power Juice and Smoothie Recipes   Top Energy Producing Foods and The Best Power Juice and Smoothie Recipes This article introduces a healthy way to turbo-charge your energy by juicing or blending special combinations of fruits and vegetables. Here are the top 10 nutrients that create energy, the fruits and vegetables with the highest […]
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Greens in Your Own Back Yard!

Interview With Blanche Cybele Derby – Foraging Expert Pick & Juice Nutritious Edible Greens Growing Naturally Right in Your Own Back Yard! Editor’s Note: Blanche Cybele Derby is a foraging lecturer, filmmaker and author. She also happens to be my neighbor. Foraging, for those who may be new to the term, is using weeds around your home […]
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Juice and Smoothies Recipes for Kids

Children Love Fresh Juice and Smoothies Delicious Fresh Juices and Smoothies Are Better Than Anything Store-Bought! We as parents can no longer ignore the problems associated with giving our children so many sugary sodas and drinks. Hyperactivity, tooth decay and obesity are just a few of the terrible results. Let’s take better care of our […]
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Glass of Phytonutrients

The Incredible Benefits of Phytonutrients

What’s All the Buzz About Phytonutrients   A Little History of Phytonutrients Why all the press lately about them? What are phytonutrients anyway? Well, you’re in for an interesting read. Every plant contains thousands of natural compounds. Science has divided all these compounds into vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals. ’Phyto’ is Greek […]
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Juice and Smoothie Benefits

Juice and Smoothie Benefits Include Fighting Diseases! I began seriously juicing a couple of years ago. I wish I started decades ago, because I can’t believe all the benefits of fresh juice, such as nutrients you just can’t get from commercial juice, even the best organic brands! You’re about to be equally amazed! Get All […]
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