About This Juicing Website

We began this site in 2011 to share our joy and experience with juicing and blending, particularly little-known 'secrets' that save you time and money. In 2014 one of our principle authors, Bob Hannum was chosen by About.com to be their 'Juicing Expert' a position he held for 2 years. Bob creates a fresh juice or smoothie every day with recipes that help keep his wife's breast cancer in remission.

The mission of our site is to provide the most up-to-date information about juicing and smoothies, because the benefits are astounding and not well understood, and nutritional research is constantly discovering new and important compounds in fresh fruits and vegetables.

What sets us apart - and this really excite us! - is an emphasis on research as well as ancient medicinal traditions. When we give you a recipe to fight insomnia or diabetes or cancer or any other health concern, the fruits, veggies, herbs and spices in that recipes are based on the latest nutritional discoveries. This is important because there are many sources for juice and smoothie recipes but ours are the only ones that cite real science whenever we make a claim.

But as you probably know, science is never the last word on anything. We respect it and it is tremendously helpful, but ancient traditions are to be respected as well. What we mean is that many traditional uses of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices were originally to cure illnesses. And though there may not be hard science to back it up, many of our scientifically proven treatments are from plants long used in ancient medicine. For instance, aspirin was discovered by testing the willow bark long used for the treatment of pain. Valium was discovered by studying the Valerian root long used in many ancient medicinal traditions. These are just a few examples.

Thus what we have here is an unusual, fascinating and highly effective blend of - and respect for - modern science as well as ancient wisdom!

Our site provides resources such as free recipes, a complete book of smoothie and juicing tips and recipes, a wonderful free email mini-course with all the latest advice to get started, and important articles of interest about juicing and smoothies for the beginner and expert alike. All of these resources may be easily found in the bar on the right.

We are very excited about this site. Let us know how we can serve you better.