Fruit Juice Diet

A lot of people asking me fruit juice really can help in Diet? And can I slim down if I drinking fruit juice?

The answer is Yes. Extremely Yes.

But Why? Because our body’s reaction to fruit does not end in our mouth, but it continues as the digestive system accepts a food packed with enzymes. These enzymes will start functioning in our digestion system and it will lead to the resting of our pancreas. In our daily lifestyle with modern diet, our pancreas and liver are working overtime every day because we ate a lot of processing that took longer time to process. Due to sometime, they are not performing because of tiredness. However, by drinking fruit juice, we are helping it by giving them time to rest and they can perform better on later part.

Besides, natural fruits contain sugars, vita...

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Green Vegetables for Juicing

Green Vegetables for Juicing

Hi Fans,

How is your Juicing Program? I hope everyone had a wonderful Juicing program and positive feedback.

Over the week, I visited few pages places giving talks and I had the same question from the floor. The question is What Green Vegetables are good  for Juicing?

And today I will share with you guys about the top 6 Green Vegetables for Juicing below:

1. Cabbage

Cabbage is the best vegetables for Stomach especially for those people who have ulcer problems. It is full of endless that aid in estrogen balance and regulating metabolism. It is also a cancer fighter and great detoxifier. However, carnage doesn’t taste great. It is advice that adds some lemon or lime together with cabbage to taste great.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is classified in cruciferous family...

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The Power of Juicing

The Power of Juicing

In this century, people are taking their nutrition and their health seriously. They turned to juicing to enhance their health, increase their energy, and scale back their possibilities of developing the common health issues that face by society.

Juicing involves pureeing contemporary fruits and vegetables to form a juice or a smoothie. There are many edges to juicing your daily serving of fruits and vegetables rather than uptake them as whole foods. By drinking contemporary juice, your body is in a position to quickly absorb the numerous vitamins, minerals, and overall nutritional values of that fruits and vegetables contain by bypassing the digestion process that’s necessary for whole foods...

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The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is a great way to help us to replace vitamins & minerals into our body. According to nutritionist, we need to have the five different colours of vegetables and fruits in our daily diet. However, we faced the difficulty to fulfil this five colour diet in our daily food consumption because if we need to fulfil this five colours diets plan, we need to end few hours in the kitchen. Therefore, Juicing is the best solution for us to fulfil this diet plan.

Fruits and vegetables retain most of the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and plant chemical (phytonutrients). These nutrients are important in maintaining our health. The excess of the nutrients can help us protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis...

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5 important steps in juicing

Hi Fans,

Welcome to This page is a special page that used to share all my knowledge about juicing to all of you. I hope you all will enjoy reading all the information that I shared out.

In the market, there is quite a lot of information about juicing. For example, some people claims that Juicing can reduce the risk of cancer and boost our immune system. Is that true?  As a juicing expert, I will say that Juicing can help us improve our health. And if we are healthy, our immunity system definitely is better and disease virus faced a difficulty to attack us.

No matter what benefits you want to get from juicing, you must follow the few simple steps below in order to produce a good quality juice.

  1. Wash your hands before touching the fruits and vegetables.

Our hands con...

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Juicing Tips for Beginners!

Hello Fans,

This is the first post and I would like to share with you guys the basic knowledge that a beginner must have in order to start juicing.

First, get a juice makers. It no need to be too expensive, just find 1 that is suit to you and user friendly.

Second, get a place in your kitchen to display the juice maker. Please do not keep it inside the cabinet because you will forget the existing of the juice maker. Put it in a visible area so that it will increase the motivation of yourself to make the juice.

Third, try to get some organic fruits. Some people might have difficulty of getting this step because either organic fruit is too expensive or it does not exist in your area. If this happen, then try to get a organic fruit washer. It can help you to clean up your fruits.

Please watch...

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